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Bundle Cleaning Machine

Bundle Cleaning Machine

Laor Engineering Ltd.provides oil refineries and petrochemical plants the service of an automatic hydraulically operated machine, designed to clean heat exchangers tube bundles, inside and outside the tubes.

It is a very efficient tool to use during plant shut down, when many heat exchanger bundles are pulled out for cleaning, inspection and repairs.

One man operates this machine from a protected control cabin.
3 to 5 lances equipped with jetting nozzles enter inside the tubes through their entire length, blasting the water to remove all the deposits and sludge out of the tubes, reaching a cleaning level of a new tube.

The operator moves the lances to the next group of tubes, using the hydraulic system, movement allowed horizontally, vertically and a rotation of the bundle itself if needed.

The cleaning of the outside surface of the tube is done in a similar manner. 5 nozzles with adjustable clearance between one another, to fit the bundle tube rows clearance, blast the bundle during their movement along the bundle. Up and down, in and out, and a rotation of the bundle itself.

All those movements are controlled from the control cabin, safely, quickly and efficiently!

External high-pressure pumps supply a water pressure of 800 bar, flow of 240 l/min.


Very fast cleaning operation: short plant shut down period! Much money saving!
Quality of cleanliness – very high, as new, and homogeneous.
Much improved SAFETY!
No modern shut down would even be consicered without this machine.


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